Urban Tree Inventory

Trees are a major asset and play an important role in increasing the City’s liveability.

The City of Albany has made a significant contribution to its Urban Tree Inventory with the total number of trees in the inventory reaching more than 12,000 across the municipality. The Urban Tree Inventory can be viewed here.

The City of Albany’s Urban Tree Inventory lists the total number of trees, planting location, species and category – Street tree, Individual/Significant, Culturally Significant or Heritage Value.

The City’s aim is to have an urban tree network that is resilient, healthy, diverse and sustainable. To help achieve this goal, a yearly tree planting program is undertaken along City streets and within parks.

Residents in urban areas can help green our suburbs, by requesting for street trees to be planted on their verge. Street tree species selection is based on several factors such as the longevity and viability of the species, waterwise rating, root invasiveness and habitat for local wildlife. The City plants and maintains the tree for life, at no cost to the resident. More information on the Request a Street Tree program can be viewed here.

The urban tree inventory is an ongoing action that will help to create and guide future planting programs, including tree replacement and to record tree removals.