We use the term Biogenic to refer to things that are produced by living organisms. On this website you will see this word used in the term Biogenic emissions. Biogenic emissions are those that come from plants and animals, as opposed to those that come from burning fossil fuels and industrial processes.
A Business-as-Usual projection estimates where things will go if current trends continue, and no major changes occur. Generally, it is talking about policy and other government action, as these are the largest factors that can be known and planned for.
The Clean Energy Regulator is an Australian federal government body responsible for accelerating carbon abatement in Australia, through the administration of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, the Renewable Energy Target and the Emissions Reduction Fund.
Drought can be defined in different ways, the Bureau of Meterology explains this further.
tCO₂e is short for “tonnes of CO₂ equivalent (gases)”. There are a number of different gasses that contribute to the warming of the earth, by converting these gases to their equivalent impact in CO₂, based on their Global Warming Potential, we can get a more accurate picture of total emissions. The Understanding GWP page explains more about how different gases are compared.