ARENA microgrid funding opportunity

Microgrids are implemented specifically to augment other costs associated with networks on the edge or outside of a main distribution network. Benefits of these systems include offsetting diesel generator use and reducing transmission and distribution infrastructure.

What Can I Do?

A stand-alone power system is an electricity supply arrangement that is not physically connected to the national grid. It includes both microgrids, which supply electricity to multiple customers, and individual power systems, which supply electricity to a single customer. Stand-alone power systems are being rolled out across Australia as they provide excellent power security, particularly to regional and remote areas such as the south coast of WA. They also reduce the maintenance cost of replacing poles and lines after increasingly prevalent bushfires, floods and storms.

If you are a First Nations community, or other community in a regional area, you may be eligible for Federal Govt support for a microgrid to improve energy security where you live or work.

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