Climate Action Resources

Unlock a world of global insights with the following resources.

Climate Interactive

Climate Interactive has developed user-friendly simulation models that help people see connections and drive effective and equitable climate action.

  • Explore En-ROADS – a climate solutions simulator that models cross-sector policies for transportation, land use, and new technologies to limit climate change.
  • Explore C-ROADS Simulator – simulate national and regional greenhouse gas reduction for counties to meet Paris Agreement targets.
  • Climate Action Simulation Game – The Climate Action Simulation is an engaging game that uses the En-ROADS simulator to help participants explore climate change solutions by simulating a UN-organised emergency climate summit, leading to enhanced understanding, engagement, and empowerment in the fight against climate change.

Climate Action Tracker

OECD Climate Action Dashboard

Key indicators to track progress towards climate objectives and ad snapshot of country climate action.

Climate Change Quiz Night

Challenge your climate knowledge with the Climate Change Quiz Night! Explore your knowledge in five exciting rounds, perfect for event organisers, educators, and sustainability enthusiasts. Join the fun and learn about climate change, renewable energy and more!

Climate Action Podcasts

100 Climate Conversations is Australia’s leading climate-focused cultural project, featuring 100 inspiring Australians taking effective action against climate change, from soil carbon sequestering farmers to renewable energy entrepreneurs. These conversations, conducted by respected journalists, are recorded live at the Powerhouse, with videos and transcripts available on the project’s website and a weekly podcast in partnership with Spotify, ultimately becoming part of the museum’s collection for future generations.

Think: Sustainability focuses on the impact of climate change in Australia, our consumption and the technologies that can help us have a more sustainable future. The program explores practical actions and technologies to foster a more sustainable future in Australia, examining our consumption patterns and environmental impact.

The Elephant podcast offers an optimistic perspective on climate change by emphasizing the reasons behind it and presenting innovative solutions, such as turning carbon dioxide into rock in Iceland and exploring the 100% solution. It covers intriguing arguments in the realm of politics and emerging technologies.

No Place Like Home features personal stories that humanise climate change and offers inspiration for individual actions. It explores existential questions, including kids’ involvement in the fight against climate change, reducing flying for a smaller carbon footprint, and the adoption of electric cars.

The Big Melt. In this climate podcast for kids, Sarah tackles the global climate crisis head-on in her podcast, fearlessly asking tough questions and providing well-researched answers. Whether she’s engaging with young change-makers, visionary thinkers, or eco-entrepreneurs, Sarah is committed to understanding and addressing the challenges of global warming and taking a DIY approach to make a positive impact.