Oyster Harbour Catchment Group

A non-profit, volunteer organisation that coordinates natural resource management and environmental best practice in the Oyster Harbour Catchment.

About the group

We foster a prosperous, vibrant community for present and future generations as a non-profit volunteer organisation. We coordinate ​many natural resource management projects (native and agricultural) in the Oyster Harbour Catchment which covers 3,000 square kilometres from Albany, WA in the south to Tenterden. Our goals include increasing awareness, encouraging best practices for all land uses, carrying out landscape scale on-ground works and collaborating with others throughout the community.

We work together with other community groups and government to achieve the Southern Prospects.

You can find out more about us on our website.

The Oyster Harbour Catchment

The Oyster Harbour Catchment is situated along the South Coast of Western Australia and is a part of the South West Botanical Region. The entire area is approximately 3000 square kilometres and includes populated centres of the City of Albany and the township of Mt Barker (Pwakkenbak), Porongurup (Borringgorrup) and Kendenup (Koin-den-up).

Key priorities for the group

  • Encourage the management and protection of waterways and wetlands through the restoration and rehabilitation of native vegetation, minimisation of erosion and nutrient run off
  • Restore and maintain the catchment biodiversity through the control of invasive flora and fauna species, native flora revegetation and restoration projects, weed control and other best practice conservation and land management projects that enhance and protect the unique biodiversity of the Oyster Harbour Catchment area
  • Facilitating sustainable agriculture by sourcing and distributing funds and expertise to assist landowners, land managers and others to implement environmentally sustainable practices that reduce nutrient loads and salinity in the catchment
  • Promotion of environmental and natural resource management of the catchment to the community
  • Engage landholders and other key stakeholders in the environment and land management activities and projects of the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Incorporated
  • Provide excellence in governance to undertake and / or do other things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of the protection and management of the environmental values of the Oyster Harbour Catchment and surrounding areas

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