Travelling somewhere by private vehicle is a highly inefficienct use of energy as most of the fuel used is actually to move the heavy vehicle itself. Active transport is any form of transport that involves some kind of physical activity, in particular, walking and cycling. It can also include the use of public transport, because walking there is usually involved. Replacing some trips by private vehicle, with cycling, walking, or public transport will reduce your emissions directly. It will also contribute to safer roads, reduced traffic pollution and your health and wellbeing.

What Can I Do?

Where possible, opt to take some form of active transport to where you are going, instead of using your private vehicle. This could include walking, taking the bus, cycling or using an e-scooter. This could be through reducing your number of car trips each week, or yYou could set up an active transport challenge at your workplace or community group. Active transport can be a challenge in rural areas such as to and from a farming property. You can also reduce your number of car trips by planning multiple trips to town in one and by car-pooling with neighbours and other members of the household.

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