Hanrahan Road Waste Facility Landfill Closure

When organic waste decomposes in landfill it releases greenhouse gases including methane. Albany’s Climate Snapshot indicated that in 2021-22 landfill and wastewater contributed the equivalent of 26,000 tonnes of CO2, or 4% of Albany’s total emissions.  

Implementation of the kerbside FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) bin system in 2021 is one way the City has worked to decrease organic waste sent to landfill and their subsequent emissions. The City continues to works to empower the community to reduce waste generation and encourage recovery of resources. In addition to community education, this has included the gradual increase of landfill fees for waste containing organics such as offal, green waste and cardboard, in an effort to prompt diversions of these materials.

Alongside these efforts, significant planning is underway for the closure of the Hanrahan Road Landfill as it nears capacity. Closure of the landfill will be completed in stages prior to the expiration of the Department of Water and Environment licence in 2032.

The closure process will include capping the site with an impermeable cover, improved leachate management and the installation of infrastructure to capture landfill gas. Subject to approvals, gas infrastructure will be installed in 2024 to reduce emissions and potentially provide an alternative energy source to power onsite leachate evaporation systems.

See the Community Waste Resource Strategy for more information.