Climate Change Action Declaration

The City of Albany’s elected members first endorsed a Climate Change Declaration in October 2020, following a petition with 1000 signatures presented by the Albany Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The declaration was developed in collaboration with the YAC to acknowledge the existence of climate change and the need for immediate action.

The City committed to seven actions:

  • Measuring and reporting on our corporate and community greenhouse gas emissions and developing emission reduction targets.
  • Developing a Corporate Energy Plan that aims to transition the City’s assets to renewable energy to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Advocating to State and Federal government to implement key climate change actions in line with international agreements to access regionally specific opportunities.
  • Undertake a review of strategic plans and strategies to ensure that climate change actions reflect climate change management priorities.
  • Developing a climate change communication strategy to effectively engage, encourage and empower the Albany community on climate change actions.
  • Continued engagement with young people and Youth Advisory Council as the next generation of community leaders on climate change.
  • Reviewing the Climate Change Action Declaration every two years to ensure that climate actions identified within the declaration are undertaken.  

A review of the Declaration was undertaken and submitted to the August 2023 OCM. This was held over for decision making until after the local government elections and will be considered for endorsement at an upcoming meeting later this financial year.