Urban Tree Strategy Review

Developed in 2017, the Urban Tree Strategy is a strategic plan for the expansion, protection and management of trees in our urban environment. Now six years old, this strategy is currently under review and will be developed into an Urban Forest Strategy.

An urban forest refers to a collection of trees and green spaces within an urban area. This consists of understory such as shrubs up to 3m high and the tree canopy which is above 3m in height.

The benefits of urban forests are significant. They foster our innate connection to nature, increase liveability of our suburbs, provide critical ecosystem services, and help the community adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

Tree planting programs such as street tree planting and community revegetation projects add value to our community by:

  • providing shade and protection from the elements;
  • reducing heat and glare;
  • absorbing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen and moisture to the air
  • improving mental health and well-being;
  • providing habitats for a diversity of fauna;
  • enhancing aesthetics within the streetscape.

The Urban Forest Strategy will utilise Nearmap canopy data to provide direction on high priority areas to increase canopy into the future. The Strategy is due for completion in 2024.