Clean Energy Regulator - capture and combustion of landfill gas

Installing methane flaring infrastructure in landfills

What Can I Do?

Support and promote the implementation of methane flaring technology at landfill sites to reduce the release of methane into the environment.

The installation of methane flaring infrastructure in landfills is a crucial step in mitigating the environmental impact of landfill sites. As organic waste decays in an anaerobic environment, it generates substantial amounts of methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas.

To prevent the release of this methane into the atmosphere, many landfill sites capture the gas and employ a process known as methane flaring. This process involves burning off the collected methane, and converting it into carbon dioxide, which is significantly less harmful in terms of its greenhouse gas potential. Depending on the specific collection system in use, some landfills even harness the energy generated from burning methane, offering an additional sustainability benefit.

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