About the Dashboard

What is the South Coast Climate Dashboard?

The South Coast Climate Dashboard brings together vital information about the local climate, its impact on our community, and actionable steps for positive climate action. It goes beyond a traditional website, serving as a dynamic platform for informed decisions and meaningful collaboration.

Why was it Developed?

The development of the South Coast Climate Dashboard was initiated by South Coast Alliance Inc., a collaborative Alliance made up of the City of Albany and Shires of Denmark, Jerramungup and Plantagenet. This valuable community resource is a commitment to sharing crucial climate change information, building momentum for collective action, and showcasing how individual choices can create a positive impact.

The South Coast Climate Dashboard has been made possible thanks to funding from Lotterywest and collaborators: Fitzgerald Biosphere Community Collective, Green Skills, Gondwana Link, Marine Energy Research Australia, Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, Stirling to Coast Farmers, Torbay Catchment Group and Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared commitment towards a sustainable future.

What Information Does it Hold?

  • Climate Changes in the Region: Explore shifts in temperature, rainfall patterns, and sea level rise. Understand the implications for agriculture, housing, and overall regional planning.
  • Emissions in the South Coast Region: Delve into the sources of emissions withing the region. Gain insights into the trajectory of emissions under different scenarios and discover impactful actions to reduce emissions.
  • Opportunities for Action: The dashboard categorises opportunities for action across various sectors, including households, small businesses, agriculture, industry, transportation, land use, and ecosystems. Learn about featured actions and explore case studies highlighting ongoing efforts in the region.

How Can You Use the Dashboard?

The community can utilise the dashboard as a tool to collaborate, connect, and contribute to the regional effort to reduce climate emissions on the South Coast. Navigate through the menu based on your area of interest, whether it’s household initiatives, small business solutions, or broader industry actions. The dashboard offers a user-friendly interface, inviting you to explore, learn, and embark on a journey towards meaningful climate action.

Join Us in Shaping a Climate-Resilient Future!

As you navigate the South Coast Climate Dashboard, you are not just exploring a website; you are actively participating in a journey towards informed decision-making, meaningful collaboration, and a shared commitment to building a climate-resilient future for the lower Great Southern region.