Land Use & Ecosystems

What’s happening now

Land use change occurs when there is clearing of vegetation such as forests to make pastures, or where reforestation occurs, such as through large scale tree planting. The region of the South Coast Alliance has many opportunities to positively impact land use change and increase carbon storage.

Land Use is unique amongst the sectors discussed on this site, as improving the way in which we use land can lead to better outcomes not only for emissions, but for biodiversity, agricultural production, water management, and our overall quality of life.

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Land Use Management site shows detailed data about how land is used across Australia. Click the image to explore land use in the South Coast region.

Some Land Use activities that lead to greater carbon capture may be eligible for funding under the Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme.

There are many groups operating within the South Coast region to protect and restore the lands and waterways of the area, scroll down to read more about them.

Land Use in the South Coast region

Click the map to be taken to the land use map.

Sector action impact

In addition to the other benefits noted above, changes to Land Use in the region could mean that by 2050, 11,000 tonnes of emissions are offset by improved carbon storage every year.

Projected Impacts for Action for Land Use Change

The projected decrease in emissions from land use changes for the South Coast region, if land use change recommendations are implemented. Source: South Coast Alliance Regional Net Zero Plan – Ironbark Sustainability 2022

Opportunities for Action

There are significant actions that land owners can take to increase carbon capture on their land.

For others, joining a local landcare group or one of the organisations listed below may be a more impactful way of contributing to improved land use and ecosystems in the region. Delve into the individual actions within this sector for more information.

Projected Impacts from Actions for Land Use Change

The estimated impact on carbon emissions from land use change actions for the South Coast region. Hover your cursor over the bars to see how different land use change actions can reduce emissions each year. Source: South Coast Alliance Regional Net Zero Plan – Ironbark Sustainability 2022